For Graphic Designers

W3C compliance, browser compatibility, template development, bespoke features, server configuration.

As a graphic designer, solving these technical issues means spending less time doing what you do best.

Simplifying Everything
Using our powerful CMS and Web services, the only thing you need to worry about is design. You simply provide us with images of how you want a website to look, and we create the site and integrate it with our CMS. Often, we will come back to you with a fully-functional, fully-editable website within just a matter of days.

No Compromise on Design
Web design is all about expression and creativity, two things that just shouldn't be restricted. Our CMS has an extremely flexible templating system which means that as long as your website design is capable of being displayed in a Web browser, it can be used with our CMS. We'll never tell you that your web design is too complicated or too ambitious for us to implement.

Support Throughout
Our CMS is as easy to use as possible - most content can be edited by simply clicking it on the website - and to prove it, we provide full telephone and email support to web designers and their clients for as long as their websites reside with us. That's in addition to a free 1 hour training session for end users (most people only need 10 minutes).

Standards Compliance
All W3C standards can be enforced using our CMS - from XHTML and CSS to WCAG and HTML5 video. This means better compatibility across devices, Web browsers and operating systems and higher quality exposure to search engines.